Cancellations and Refunds Policy for Event Organisers

The below wording sets out the cancellations and refunds policy that form part of FIXR’s terms and conditions of service for event organisers (the “Terms”).

Definitions used in this policy shall have the same meaning as set out in the Terms.

In using FIXR, Event Organisers will be deemed to comply with the Terms and expected to operate in accordance with these. The Terms, including this policy, may be updated at any time.

Refund policies

As an Event Organiser it is up to you to set the terms of your refund policy for an Event. Refund policies must meet our minimum standards as follows:

a.      They must be made clear in the description on the relevant Event page.

b.      They must be fair and reasonable and must not be changed retrospectively.

c.      They must provide details on how to request and obtain a refund. Timelines and clear instructions should be provided.

d.      They should comply with our requirements where an Event is cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled (see below).

e.      They must comply with all local and national laws.

No-refund” policies are allowed provided they are clearly identified as such, meet our minimum standards above and comply with our terms if an Event in cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled.

Cancelling, postponing, or re-scheduling an Event including because of COVID-19

If you need to cancel, postpone or re-schedule an Event including because of COVID-19, please stop tickets sales via your account or contact us so that we may do so.

Where an Event is cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled, you must:

a.      offer Customers a full refund and provide a reasonable period for refunds to be claimed (typically 30 days) with clear communication to Customers about how they can claim a refund; or

b.      offer Customers such other consideration as makes good on the failure to deliver / provide the original Event(s) and in lieu of a refund, including but not limited to (i) credit; (ii) the opportunity to attend another Event; or (iii) price discounts on tickets for other Events (individually and together (the “Alternative Consideration”)).

If you offer Alternative Consideration, then this must be of equal or greater value to the ticket(s) purchased for the original Event(s) and the terms for claiming the Alternative Consideration must be clearly communicated to Customers.

If you have invited Customers to retain their tickets for a future Event, you must keep them updated as to when you expect such Event(s) to be held and provide further opportunities for refunds or Alternative Consideration should you continue to postpone Events.

If an Event is cancelled, postponed or re-scheduled and you would like to ask Customers to donate the cost of their ticket(s) to you, it is your responsibility to invite them to do this within a reasonable timeframe. You must make it clear to Customers that this is optional and in addition to their rights to a refund or Alternative Consideration.

We will liaise with you as to how best to refund Customers who have bought tickets to an Event that is cancelled, postponed or re-scheduled. Where you have been paid some or all the ticket sales proceeds to an Event, you will need to either return to these funds to us so that we can make refunds on your behalf, or refund Customers directly.

Refund control

When you set-up an Event on the Platform, you can request control to process refunds (the default setting is “off”) albeit FIXR is under no obligation to allow this. If you are given control, this will enable you to refund Customers directly, provided you have enough funds on account with FIXR and the Event has not finished. Where a refund is processed, your ticket sales balance will reduce by the amount refunded. 

If you need to make refunds after an Event has finished, please contact us about this.

Responsibility for refunds

By default, FIXR will not process refunds on your behalf without your prior approval. FIXR accepts no responsibility for processing refunds for ticket sales to your Events unless there is proven technology error on our part. Otherwise, we will only process refunds in accordance with the refund policy set by you, and with your approval. In the absence of technology error on our part, all refund enquiries and claims are your responsibility.

If you fail to honour a refund or provide Alternative Consideration in accordance with this policy, FIXR shall be entitled to issue refunds to affected Customers and reclaim any amounts paid by us where you do not have sufficient funds on account. FIXR may issue refunds to prevent Customers from cancelling / disputing payments with their bank or card company and mitigate any losses from such action.

Refund charge

If a refund is processed, Customers will be refunded the full face-value of the tickets purchased. Unless there is proven error on our part, FIXR will retain the total booking fee and any other fees such as Ticket Refund Protection fees paid on purchased tickets. Where the booking fee is retained on a refunded ticket and you receive a rebate, FIXR will deduct 25% from the rebate amount as a refund administration fee.

Typically, we do not charge Event Organisers when we process a refund. However, in certain cases, for example where we are required to process a high number of refunds or there is a high refund value, we may look to recover from you the cost of processing these refunds. This cost may be recovered by way of direct invoice or from withholding any ticket sales proceeds payable to you.

There will be no charge where refunds are required due to a technology error on our part.

Funds on account

We will not process refunds (or allow you to do so) where you do not have enough funds on account to cover the cost of these. If, due to error, refunds are processed and your account goes into negative balance as a result, we will have an immediate claim to recover this balance by way of direct invoice or by withholding any ticket sales proceeds payable to you. We also reserve the right to suspend all further ticket sales to your Events and your use of the Platform, until the balance is recovered.

If you do not have enough funds on account because you have been paid ticket sales proceeds, it is your obligation to process refunds. You will need to either place us in funds to process these on your behalf or make refunds to Customers directly.

Recovery of ticket sale proceeds, chargebacks / dispute fees

As per our Terms, we have the right to recover any payment provider chargeback or dispute fees suffered by us in connection with ticket sales to your Events. If you set a restrictive refund policy or refuse to honour refunds or Alternative Consideration and this causes Customers to cancel / dispute ticket sales payments with their bank or card company so as to obtain a refund (for example, you do not offer a fair process for refunds or Alternative Consideration where an Event is cancelled, postponed or re-scheduled), you agree to fully indemnify FIXR for any losses suffered including (i) the full face-value of ticket purchases which are cancelled (if you have not remitted funds back to us); (ii) any dispute or chargeback fees imposed on us by our payment partner; and (iii) the booking fees on the cancelled ticket purchases. We may recover such losses by way of direct invoice or by withholding any ticket sales proceeds payable to you.


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