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The Rep Platform

Sell more tickets by accessing the networks and communities of people who want to sell your event tickets for commission.

How it works

The FIXR Rep Platform helps event organisers reach their target audience directly. Access closed networks of friends, communities and students interested in attending events. Sell more tickets, with more people actively promoting your event in exchange for an incentive controlled by you.

  • Invite reps

    Invite existing reps or recruit new reps from your customer/fan base to sell tickets on your behalf.

  • Set commision

    Set your commission structure to incentivise reps to sell your event tickets to their networks.

  • Sell tickets

    Sell more tickets by reaching reps' connections. Save time as FIXR manages rep payout requests.

How using reps helped me sell more tickets

"Peer-to-peer marketing is a core part of our business. The platform is perfect for us. We get all the benefits, but we don't need to manage it because the reps manage themselves. Reps can request payouts which is great because we have 2,000 reps and couldn't do that if we had to make all those payments individually." Read more.

Dominic MatchamINVADES

“The Rep Platform is one of our biggest selling points… it's a major advantage to our ticket sales. 15% of tickets sold for Zim Link Up 2023 were sold by reps." Read the case study.

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  • Recruit reps

    Manage your existing reps privately or publicly recruit new reps.

  • Incentivise reps

    Set your commission structure to choose how much reps can earn.

  • Message reps

    Send free text emails to your reps about events, news or competitions.

  • Sales data

    Access data like ticket sales, revenue and commission earned.

  • Performance insights

    View rep performance by tickets sold, revenue and commission to identify top reps.

  • Direct payments

    Save time when reps request payouts and FIXR manages the payments.


  • Can I bring my existing reps to FIXR?

    You can bring your existing network of reps to FIXR and manage them easily, all in one place. Log in to your FIXR account and go to 'reps'. Share a link with your network via WhatsApp or DM or invite reps by email. Access all your reps' information and filter by performance stats, date and more.

  • How do I find people interested in becoming a rep for my events?

    To find people interested in being a rep for your events, set your account to public. Reps can discover public events and event organisers, search and sign up with their FIXR rep account.

  • Where can I see my rep sales data?

    To see your rep sales data, log in to your FIXR account and go to 'reps'. You can see ticket sales, revenue, commission earned by reps and more.

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