FIXR Entry Manager app

Use the FIXR Entry Manager app (available on iOS and Android) to securely scan tickets, easily manage capacity and access live event data.

Quickly scan tickets

Scan tickets in quick scan mode to reduce queues and improve the attendee experience.

Admit group ticket holders together or individually if they arrive separately.

Use offline scanning mode if internet access on-site is limited.

Access live data

Access ticket sales and revenue data updated in real-time.

Keep track of event capacity.

Sell tickets on the door without the need to stop sales in advance.

Manage capacity safely

Filter by event or ticket type.

Run multiple entry points simultaneously.

Give door staff single or multi-event unique access tokens to scan tickets without accessing other account information.

Entry Manager app reviews

"We didn’t have any queues which I was absolutely staggered by. Managing queues [of 10,000 people] has been our biggest concern in previous years. That problem has completely gone away now."

Chris MartinBeckenham Fireworks

"On the first night, we got nearly 800 people through the door within 35 minutes. We were shocked, we thought it would be a much longer process."

James WardIlluminate Light Trails

Entry Manager in action


  • How I do I download the FIXR Entry Manager app?

    You can download the FIXR Entry Manager app from the App Store or Google Play Store. The app is available on mobile and tablet, whichever devices you use for ticket scanning.

  • Can I still sell tickets on the door?

    You can continue selling tickets on the door once an event has started. Unlike other ticketing platforms where you have to stop all sales in advance and miss out on ticket sales, with the FIXR Entry Manager app people can buy tickets in the queue and be scanned in instantly, maximising your revenue.

  • Does the FIXR Entry Manager app scan tickets from other ticketing platforms?

    The FIXR Entry Manager app can scan tickets from other ticketing platforms if you're selling tickets on multiple platforms including FIXR for example.