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The Genius Wave
The Genius Wave

The Genius Wave


The Genius Wave:- operates on the principle of brainwave entrainment, a method that uses rhythmic auditory stimuli to synchronize brainwave frequencies with the favored nation of thoughts. This process entails taking note of unique sound frequencies that can result in diverse intellectual states, such as rest, recognition, or creativity. The Genius Wave makes use of a combination of binaural beats, isochronic tones, and other sound modulation techniques to achieve those consequences. ⇒➧➧Official Website➧➧⇒ ⇒➧➧Facebook Website➧➧⇒ ⇒➧➧Jimdo Site➧➧⇒ ⇒➧➧Eventbrite Website➧➧⇒ ⇒➧➧Official Main Blogs ➧➧⇒

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