£25 new organiser promo


These are the terms and conditions for the £25 new event organiser offer made by FIXR, dated 22nd November 2022 (the “Terms”). FIXR is owned and operated by VIPR Digital Limited, registered company number 8184813.

The following definitions shall apply for the purposes of the Terms.

Event” means an event approved by FIXR for which tickets are listed on, and sold via, the Platform.

“New Event Organiser” means an event organiser looking to create an account with FIXR and sell tickets via the Platform for the first time.

Offer” means a maximum of £25 awarded to New Event Organisers using the Platform.

Platform” means individually and collectively the FIXR smartphone applications, website (fixr.co) and content management platform.


  1. The Offer is being made by FIXR to New Event Organisers.
  2. To claim the Offer a New Event Organiser must create an account on the Platform and opt-in to the promotion here before 23.59 (GMT) on 31st December 2022.
  3. Once a New Event Organiser sells 25 paid tickets or more to their Events (the "Qualifying Tickets"), they shall be entitled to claim the Offer.
  4. The deadline to sell the Qualifying Tickets is 23.59 (GMT) on 31st March 2023. Tickets sold after this deadline will not count towards qualifying for the Offer.
  5. If the Qualifying Tickets are not sold by the aforementioned deadline, a New Event Organiser will not be able to claim the Offer.
  6. Free and refunded tickets are excluded from the calculation of Qualifying Tickets.
  7. FIXR shall in its absolute discretion determine: (i) who qualifies as a New Event Organiser; and (ii) the number of Qualifying Tickets.
  8. The Offer may only be claimed once by a New Event Organiser.
  9. Payment shall be made in April 2023 to those New Event Organisers which have successfully met the conditions of the Offer.
  10. FIXR shall be entitled, in its absolute discretion, to apply a booking fee to paid tickets for an Event, including Qualifying Tickets.
  11. The Offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer provided by FIXR (or third-party agencies acting on FIXR’s behalf). The Terms and Offer supersede and replace any previous offers made by FIXR to New Event Organisers.
  12. All details and information provided by the New Event Organiser to FIXR in conjunction with the Offer must be truthful, accurate, inoffensive and in no way misleading. FIXR reserves the right to reject a New Event Organiser from qualifying for the Offer or from its Platform if they have supplied untruthful, inaccurate, offensive or misleading details and / or information. The Offer is as stated, it is not transferable and there are no alternative rewards.
  13. Unless otherwise amended or cancelled at FIXR’s complete discretion, the Offer shall expire at 23.59 (GMT) on 31st March 2023. FIXR reserves the right to amend these Terms or withdraw / cancel the Offer at any time, including in the event that circumstances arise beyond its control.
  14. Neither FIXR or third-party agencies acting on FIXR’s behalf in connection with this promotion will be held liable for the actions of a New Event Organiser, the promotion and success of an Event or for anything that occurs at an Event or in relation to an Event.
  15. By claiming the Offer, a New Event Organiser will be deemed to be bound by and have accepted these Terms and FIXR’s Terms & Conditions for Organisers. FIXR reserves the right to deny the Offer to any New Event Organiser that fails to abide by the Terms and / or the Terms & Conditions for Organisers.
  16. These Terms are governed under English law and the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any proceedings in connection with the Terms.