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Everything you need to host your TEDx event, live or online. Manage your TEDx events all in one place, from event registration to post-event ticket sales analysis.

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FIXR is trusted by thousands of event organisers including other TEDx organisers!

Why use FIXR's event booking system?

100% Free to Use

Get unlimited free access to all the sales and marketing features you need.

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Create and sell tickets to in-person or online TEDx talks.

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Go digital! Improve the customer experience for your ticket buyers. 

Become Discoverable

Reach new, local audiences interested in buying event tickets.

How to register an event on FIXR

Create events

Create an account in seconds. Create an event in minutes. Make it live and promote it online.

Sell tickets

Sell event tickets to FIXR App users and FIXR website visitors. Create your own Ticket Shop.

Manage entry

Use the FIXR Entry Manager App to scan tickets and reduce wait time on the door.



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