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FIXR is 100% free for event organisers and trusted by thousands. Start selling more tickets today.

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Easy to get started

1. Sign-up and create an event

Set-up a FIXR organiser account and create your first event in just a handful of minutes.

2. Sell Tickets

Time to get marketing! Direct your customers towards our website and apps, or you can sell directly from your website.

3. Receive payment

Add your bank details to your account, and once your event has finished we'll pay you within 3 working days.

Integrate FIXR with your website

Sell tickets straight from your own website. Just one line of code will deliver either a single event widget, or feed of all your live events. Whichever suits your needs.

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Secure and compliant

Trust our end-to-end encryption to handle your customer's data and payments securely.

FIXR is also built to gather GDPR compliant customer data so you can market your events with confidence.

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Behind the digital wizardry sits a friendly FIXR team. Whether it's getting your first event set up, or you want tips on marketing, we are here to chat.

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Low booking fees - special rate for charities and students

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+ 0,99 € per paid ticket
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