Booking tickets

How do I book tickets to an event?

All public events can be found by searching our apps and website. When you open the event, you’ll see details as to how to book tickets. For private events, you’ll need to be sent an event link from the event organiser directly.

What details do I need to enter to book tickets?

For paid tickets, you’ll need to enter certain personal details and payment information. For free tickets, you just need to enter personal details.

How safe are my details?

Very. We do not hold credit card details or passwords on our servers. All information is protected using encryption technology. For more information, please see our Privacy Policy.

What is the booking fee?

For paid tickets, we typically charge a booking fee. This helps us cover card processing and transaction charges. For free tickets, there is no booking fee.

When can I book tickets?

You can book tickets to an event at any time, provided tickets are still available on our platform. Once tickets are sold out, no further bookings can be made unless additional tickets are released.

The event has sold out, are there more tickets on the door?

We are the event organiser’s ticketing partner, and have no information regarding whether there will be tickets / entry available on the door. We advise contacting the event organiser directly via Facebook or their website.

I have £1 charges on my bank account, what are these?

The additional £1 authorisation charges were made by our payment provider to verify that your card is valid and that your bank will authorise a transaction. Please be assured that they are not in fact genuine charges, but purely a test between our payment provider and your bank. No money will leave your account and any reference to charges should soon disappear from your bank statement.

I’m trying to book tickets, but it won’t recognise my post / zip code?

Your post / zip code must be the same as that used to register your bank card. If the problem persists, we advise you to try using another bank card to book tickets, or pay using Apple or Android Pay.

My ticket booking is not going through, why?

The most likely reason is that our payment provider is not accepting the card you are trying to make payment with. This could be because you have insufficient funds in your account or because you are using a foreign card. You should speak to your bank to see if there are placing a block on your account. You should also check that you have sufficient internet reception when trying to book tickets.

Your tickets

Where do I find my tickets?

If you can't find your tickets, login to your account on our website or retrieve tickets from your phone using our free apps, downloadable on iOS and Android.

Do I need to print my tickets?

No. Our tickets come in digital form with a scannable QR code. If you prefer, you can print a PDF of your tickets.

I have tickets but can’t seem to log in to my account, why?

Your tickets may be registered to a different email address. This is often the case if you have registered with FIXR using Facebook. Please try logging in with another email address if you have one, or your Facebook account. You can also retrieve tickets from your phone using our free apps, downloadable on iOS and Android.

I have not received an email confirmation with my tickets, what should I do?

You should receive an email confirmation within 5 minutes of your tickets booking. This can sometimes take longer (especially in periods of very high demand), so please allow up to 1 hour to receive your email confirmation. It sometimes happens that the email confirmation gets caught in email spam filters, so if you do not receive this within 1 hour of your booking, you should check these. If you still can't find your tickets, you can log-into your account on our website or retrieve tickets from your phone using our free apps, downloadable on iOS and Android. If your tickets do not appear on your account, it is possible that your booking has been unsuccessful. Please contact us on team@fixr.co so that we can look into this for you.

Can I claim a refund?

You can claim a refund in certain circumstances. Details of our Cancellations and Refunds Policy can be found here.

How long does it take to receive a refund?

Refunds typically take 3 banking days to appear in your account, but can take longer.

Heading to the event

What do I need to bring with me to the event?

Valid photo ID, your tickets and anything else listed in the event details. Remember to check the event details in case there is a last entry time or there are conditions attached to the ticket you have booked.

If I have booked more than one ticket, does my party need to arrive together?

No. If you want to arrive at different times, use our ticket transfer function to send tickets to your friends.

Transferring tickets

How do I transfer my tickets?

You can transfer tickets to your friends super-quick using our apps or via our website. Fully digital transfer - no printing of tickets required! Simply go to your tickets in your account; press the ‘Transfer tickets to a friend' button at the bottom of the ticket, choose how many tickets you want to transfer and then send your unique transfer link to your friend. The tickets you are transferring will disappear from your account once they are claimed by your friend. Once claimed, your friend will hold a ticket directly and their name will be on the list of attendees. Any payment for the transfer of tickets should be organised by you with your friend.Important: Please don’t share the unique transfer link with anyone except the friend you wish to transfer tickets to. Multiple transfers will invalidate the tickets.

Is there a limit on the number on ticket transfers?

Yes. Each ticket can be transferred a maximum 3 times. This helps us prevent fraud and ensure the event guestlist remains accurate.

Is there a time limit on ticket transfers?

Yes. In most cases, you cannot transfer tickets less than 1 hour before an event starts, although an event organiser can change this.

Repping events

Can I rep events?

Yes. If an event organiser has set up reps for their event, you can become a rep and earn commission for ticket sales. Head to our FIXR Reps Platform to discover which events you can rep.

I’ve sold tickets as a rep, when will I get paid?

Reps are typically paid monthly, and after events have ended. You will need to ensure you have added bank details to your rep account.


Setting up an event

Who can use FIXR?

Anyone can list an event on FIXR. Whether you’re planning your first event or a seasoned pro, FIXR makes ticketing and event management super-easy.

How much does it cost?

Nada! FIXR is 100% free for event organisers.

How can I list an event on FIXR?

Just head to the Event Organiser page on our website and click 'Create An Event For Free'.

What kind of events can be listed on FIXR?

Absolutely anything, and there doesn’t even need to be a cover charge. Use FIXR to ticket house parties, university events, club nights, charity bashes, lectures, gigs and more. FIXR is designed to make every event organiser’s life easier. You can even use our platform to sell merch, travel passes, kit, memberships and more.

Can I list private events?

Yes. Simply check the private event box when setting up your event.

How do I create follow-on or dependent tickets?

If you have multiple ticket types and want each to go on sale once a type has sold out, you can do this by creating follow-on tickets. Click the three dots in the ticket type to do this.


Can I use reps for my events?

Yes. You can set up reps and pay them commission for ticket sales. Head to the “Promotion” section in each event to do this.

Do I have to pay reps their commission for ticket sales?

No. We’re here to make your life easier and will do this for you. Reps are typically paid monthly.

Ticket processing and entry

How do I process / scan tickets?

Easy. Use our free Entry Manager app to scan tickets or process them digitally. You can run our Entry Manager app on a any iOS or Android device. You can also use multiple devices to scan tickets at the same time.

I don’t have internet reception, can I still use your Entry Manager?

Yes. You can run our Entry Manager app in both on and offline mode. If you do not have internet reception, the Entry Manager will be up-to-date as at when you last had internet reception, so you may want to cut-off sales before the event starts to ensure you have a full list of ticket holders. You can still use multiple devices to scan tickets in offline mode, but since there is no internet reception, these devices will not “sync” and update each other.

Do I have to scan tickets?

No. You can use print a physical list of ticket holders directly from your account if you prefer, although scanning is the fastest and most accurate way to process tickets.

Will my guestlist update if tickets are transferred?

Yes. Each valid ticket transfer will be recorded by us and your guestlist will automatically update. The ticket transferee will receive new tickets and the person transferring the ticket have their old tickets cancelled.

Payments and refunds

How do I get paid for ticket sales?

When creating your event organiser account, make sure to add your bank details. We aim to send you the proceeds from ticket sales directly to your nominated bank account within 3 banking days of your event completing.

Do I need to invoice FIXR for ticket sales?

No. Unless we otherwise agree this with you.

What happens if a customer claims a refund?

Our Cancellations and Refunds Policy makes it clear as to when someone is entitled to a refund as standard e.g. where an event is cancelled. When creating your event, you can select to “allow refunds”. In doing so, you will be able to refund customers directly. If you do not select this, we will process refunds in accordance with the above policy.

Your account

We’ve forgotten our account password, what should we do?

Simply press the link to “forgot password” where you are asked to log-in to your account and follow the instructions.

Help, I’m stuck or have a problem. What should I do?

You can use the messaging service directly in your account. We aim to get back to you within 24 hours, even at weekends.