2 hours of bottomless drinks, and ruthless service. Expect rude comments from staff, and DJ who couldn’t care less if you want “more ABBA on” and attitude from the second you step in for your bottomless brunch experience. This isn't a boring brunch trying to be cool, this is a whole new level of fun! This is a night of all out naughtiness, mayhem & rudeness. Our hosts are known for creating some of the biggest parties in the UK and have a degree is bad customer service. We have taken on the concept of brunch and turned it into the worst customer service you'll ever receive.  We’re here for everyone, whether you’re a student or a granny as long as you enjoy having a laugh and not too sensitive, it’ll be a night of laughter, fun entertainment, & BOTTOMLESS DRINKS! 🥳
Birthday in October message us for your free birthday ticket! 🎟️
Online Tickets> www.brutalbrunch.co.uk Large group booking (6+) discounts message the page or email [email protected] for more information. 💻
More info> www.brutalbrunch.co.uk ⚠️
This show isn't for the faint hearted, snowflakes are advised not to attend and 'Karen's' are recommended a seat at the FRONT!

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