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Sell 25 Tickets
& Get £25!

Thinking about running an event this year? We have a limited time only offer for new event organisers signing up…Sell your first 25 tickets on FIXR and you’ll receive £25 back!

How it works

Fill out the form, then log into or create a FIXR account.

Create your first event and start selling tickets. Make use of all the amazing sales and marketing features on the FIXR Organiser dashboard - which are free!

When you’ve sold your first 25 (paid) tickets you can claim your £25! Fill out this form before you set your event live and start selling tickets, so you're eligible.

Fill in the form to claim your £25!

This offer is for event organisers who have not previously used FIXR to sell tickets for their events. You cannot just create another account. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.